Kylee Roman: BCIT Bursary Winner Spotlight

ABCOM supports BCIT students through a bursary program. We caught up with a bursary winner, Kylee Roman, to see what she's been up to since grad! 


Name: Kylee Roman

Company: 99.9 Sun FM/ Bell Media

Kylee Roman

Position: Weekend Announcer/ Swing


Number of Years in the Work Force

Before I was accepted into BCIT I had started in a street team position at 102.7 The PEAK. After a summer there I started full time courses at BCIT, ended up working my way up to a digital content producer for the morning show/ on-air fill in occasionally then graduated and immediately after started working at my current station in Kelowna, Sun FM. So now that you have the long winded answer, I guess the short answer would be just less than three years!

What do you love most about your job? 

I would have to say that I really love the connection and impact you can make on someone. As ironic as it sounds (because you’re essentially speaking to yourself in a room with a microphone) I really love the socialization of my job. I think that if you can connect with even one person and relate and impact them in some way because they can resonate with what you said, THAT is incredible.  

What’s your professional/ passion? 

Honestly, I love what I do and I would have to say that my work is my passion. Every single day that I wake up and get to do what I love, I feel incredibly lucky. The best part though? Interviews. Interviewing people (whoever it may be) has to be the coolest part of the job because you get the opportunity to see someone at their most real and vulnerable moments if you ask the right question.


I love music! Any and every kind (no exaggeration). I try to understand the artist’s message and respect what they’re doing because creating something and putting it out there takes a lot of vulnerability, and that’s not easy. I also love to eat pizza in my bathtub but who doesn’t?

What’s your best advice to give students who are enrolled right now?

NETWORK! Seriously... the best thing I ever did for my career was make connections in every way I could. Show enthusiasm and work ethic. Buy someone a coffee and send out thank you letters or emails after you meet a person or work a gig. Seriously, the smallest gestures go a LONGGG way!