BCIT Bursary

About the Bursary

Each year, ABCOM selects one to three graduating BCIT students to receive full or partial amounts of a $4,000 annual bursary to aid them as they enter the industry. Eligible students include those who are graduating from one of the following BCIT programs in 2017:

  • Marketing Management - Marketing Communications option
  • Marketing Management - Professional Sales option
  • Broadcast and Media Communications.

Candidates who can meet all entrance criteria, and demonstrate a strong desire to explore a career in the media, advertising or broadcast industries, will be considered.

2015 Winners

Jeffery Perham & Gillian Orris

Jeffery Perham & Gillian Orris

Past Winners

2014 - Jennifer Bowie and Sydney Gormley
2013 - Ceilidh Millar and Justine Stevens
2012 - Leah Koepenick and Nicola Poskitt
2011 - Carissa Lammie & Svetlana Eremenko
2010 - Emily Cordonier & Melissa Janke Oliver

2009 - Maghan Burgess & Karen Horak
2008 - Teresa Tang & Jenee Boynton
2007 - Marina Ellis
2006 - James Ball, Brian Cotton & Kelly Cooke